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Digital Addiction Clinics

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

According to the BBC News article titled Will digital addiction clinics be big in 2013?, “mobile and social media are the driving forces of the next wave of digital change.”  Now, assuming that that is correct, how will it impact computer infrastructures?

Although I think the idea of a digital addiction clinic is a bit farfetched, I do believe that we are at the brink of a wave of new digital technology that this world may have thought impossible for this generation.  Yesterdays infrastructure designs are about to become yesteryears infrastructure designs.  High demands for new digital technology will affect both physical and logical designs of network infrastructures.

For example, the digital television transitions that took place around the world, impacted infrastructures of all television broadcasting networks within the United States.  Analog television broadcasting network infrastructure equipment (hardware and software) for both consumers and businesses alike became obsolete. 

According to Jeffery A. Hart (Technology, Television, and Competition: the Politics of Digital TV): ” We live in the midst of a transition to an age of digital technologies.  As in previous large technological transitions, many established interests are threatened and many new ones have arisen. The semiconductor, computer, telecommunications, and software industries (the core information technology industries) have become the political voice of these new interests.”

As digital technologies continue to advance, network and software engineers will no doubt have to strategize on how to keep up with new innovations in digital technologies.  I imagine that service providers will no doubt have to upgrade towers (e.g. to 4G or higher) around the world to accommodate the influx of traffic, as mobile devices become common place in even grammar school grade levels around the world.  Network Security will be a hot topic, and I wouldn’t even be surprised if a few network security laws were signed into law and enforced by the government.  Then again, what do I know?!  I don’t even believe in digital addiction clinics.

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