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Lots of questions to ponder?

Updated: Apr 1

Will they ever be answered?

Growing up in the hood, I can remember pondering over question, after question, after question!

For example, I remember watching a Christmas movie as a kid, and thinking to myself, maybe the reason why I haven’t been getting all the toys I wanted for Christmas was because I never wrote Santa a letter. So, what do you do when you’re not able to spell or write? Well, you take sales paper ads, cut them out, and put them in your house mailbox. I thought to myself, “surely Santa could read a picture and ‘get the picture.’” Well, let’s just say I learned very quickly the answer to that question. In layman terms, that Santa I saw on TV did not visit war zones; because the risks were just too high.

Looking back now, I would liken my experiences, especially my High School years, as living day by day in a gorilla warfare torn community. You see, you could go days, weeks, or even months without anything “popping off” so to speak. Then BOOM! Out of know where, there’s bloodshed, or even death.

What was I to do, how was I to stay focused?

Fortunately for me, I would eventually discover the answers to most, if not all of my questions on a journey that had a big question mark.

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