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Knowledge Under Fire?

Updated: Mar 25

Fasten your seatbelt tight and secure, and then hold on to your seat; because we’re going in hot, and it is imperative that we avoid any form of injuries sustained from the turbulence before we hit the ground running, as we lay down fire, while under fire!

Are you ready for this? Okay, this one might shock you, but hold steady, because you will get through this.

That mountain in your way, those challenges facing you, that pain you may have had to carry, those struggles? They’re all spurious or bogus projectile objects used to distract your focus.

Yep, that’s right my friend. I told you it might shock you.

You see, even while under fire, you still have a target and your target is not the bullets that are flying at you.

Your target is the source from which those bullets are coming from, and that source can be summarized in one word. IGNORANCE!

Therefore, you will confront ignorance head-on when you’re tempted to believe that there’s no hope. You will pump your heart and mind so full of the knowledge of the Truth, until ignorance itself runs from you in fear.

You will not give in, you will not quit, you will not loose hope. But you will stay focused, you will lay down recovery fire, and I will see you at the top along with the spoils.

#impossibleisnothing #knowledge

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